Where Are They Now?

Frank Mascall (below) emailed to ask if we would consider having details of former Sheering residents. What an excellent idea!

Please encourage other ex-residents you may know to send entries for this page.

Niall (Leslie)
Further to Frank Mascall’s letter I was born in the village in 1949 and lived almost opposite to him in ” The Nursery ” the commercial nursery on the other side of the street abutting Claude Farr’s farm.
My father (Jack Leslie) owned the nursery with a partner & when they had a major disagreement the family moved to Scotland in about 1960.
I emigrated to Canada in January, 1970, taking off from Glasgow in fog, Christmas roses in bloom, 17 deg. & landing in Toronto to be met with a snowstorm, minus 20 deg. temperature and to be picked up by a Landrover with a snowplow on the front – I wondered what on earth I had got myself into!
I survived the introduction though and like life here now – I have my own small business and am an avid pilot of both power planes and gliders, our hangar is about 80 metres from the house.
About my earliest memory is the coronation procession etc. going down the street in front of our house & I’ve got many memories of Church Lane, the Freemans who had the Cock at that time, the Common, cycling down the hill to Sawbridgeworth station to get the (then) steam train to school daily in Bishops Stortford, picking mushrooms on Farr’s farm near the big bomb crater and getting sweetcorn from them etc.
I’ll drop in a fuller note in due course.
Best regards to all.
Niall (Leslie).

My great-grandfather (surname Brown) was a carpenter who lived in Sheering in the early years of the last century. I would love to find ut more about him and his family. Would anyone now in the village know anything about him?
Many thanks indeed.
John Gibbons (SUESW6@aol.com)

Elizabeth Adams
My name is David Adams and I am trying to trace the family on my father’s side. My great great grandfather/mother are said to be one time licensee of the “The Cock” in Sheering. Her name was Elisabeth Adams. After her husband died she married a William Eldy? and moved to London. Any information would be very much appreciated. I can be contacted on dadams1@gmx.de

Cooper Family
I am trying to find details of my grandparents who lived in the area around 1880-1915
Their names are Edmund John Brown Cooper, a joiner/journeyman by trade, and wife Amy Cooper (nee Baker). They had two sons Alan and Alfred. My father’s date of birth was 2nd April 1915. Any help would be gratefully received. I am one of four grandchildren ,John, trying to trace our tree. Thanking you for your time.
John Cooper

Frank Mascall
I lived in Sheering from 1943 until the age of 19 when I left the area to join the Essex Police.
I lived in The Street, in the original New Row, opposite what we used to call Farrs Farm (Chambers Farm).
I have 3 brothers  one of whom still live in the village.
I, along with other lads and lassies from the village, had the “pleasure” of being the first to attend Mark Hall School in Harlow.
I now live with my wife in East Yorkshire having retired in 1989.
I can be contacted on fmascall@msn.com.